Characters Environments 
Author Marian Parisher-Nichols
Poems and short stories, free to read.
"When I write, I shoot from the hip!"



When Kristyn, a young widow with a small son, moved back into her childhood home, a two-hundred-year-old Victorian farmhouse, she expected nothing less than to be happy. She would raise her son, Nathan, five, as her grandparents had raised her, after the unfortunate death of her parents when she was young. This proved not to be the case. From the beginning, young Nathan was being enticed by entities to venture into the attic, which was always locked except when he was near. An innocent game ends in the disappearance of Nathan. The legend of the Dudu-Mtu entwines with the bizarre events occurring in the house. Shadow and light are competitors for control of the Attic. What mysteries lie within the Attic’s darken interior? Intrigue, unsolved murders, and a new love for Kristyn, weave together a fascinating tale of the paranormal.