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 Hello People.  I will keep you updated here.



Ghosts of WinShire is now for sale on all online books stores.  I have decided not to write a sequel to the book, at least for now.  I have begun another project.


Ghosts of WinShire is in the process of publication.  Should be available September 1st

I have begun writing on its squeal, Witches of WinShire.

I am looking at marketing companies.


Things are beginning to happen for me. A 'Meet the Author Reception' is being held for me at Nash Arts Council in Nashville, NC, just ten miles from Rocky Mount, where I live. The date is this Friday, June 20th, from 6 till 8 PM.  It is open to the public. Feel free to join me.

 Also another event is scheduled  in August at the Braswell Memorial Library here in Rocky Mount, called, Authors in August.  It is being held on the 16th of Aug and is an all day event, from 10 AM till 5 PM.  Will update when the event is nearer.




My next book is complete, it was renamed Phantasyland Tales.  The editors has the manuscript now, which should take a few months.  I will try and get it publish by the end of this, December, 2013. I have started writing on my next book with a working title of Haunted Castle.


Hi all.  Looks like it’s been awhile since I have updated the site.  The Attic was renamed to ‘Within the Attic’ due to conflicts with other published works.  It was published in 2011 and is for sale on all online bookstores.  Also, all of my books are on Amazon both as books and ebooks for the Kindle.
I am well into my next writing project called, ‘Phantasyland Tales.’  It is a collection of short stories of fantasy about 5 sisters and their magical adventures with magical creatures in a magical place called, ‘Phantasyland.’  That’s all for now. 

5/14/2011 I am please to report that the writing of Within the Attic is complete. It was finished ahead of time. I am in the progress of getting it published.



More great news, on this site I have listed three chapters from each book for you to read and to help you decide if you might want to read further.  Enjoy!




  For my new project, 'Access to the Attic' I have a new cover design.  A new friend on the 'Burning Giraffe' known as   'Alahuuin' designed this cover for me.  So, a big thank you goes out to him.
And Ben created the book image just as he did for the other four books. 

Thank you Ben!                                                                                                                                           

I have added chapter two to Access to the  Attic page.  The story is progressing quite well. 


A friend, Jackie, just finished reading Second Event Chronicles, and below is her comment:

"I finished your book and the bit i liked at the end of this brilliant read was for me: " I saw Angels although they did not have wings as you might expect, which for some reason did not surprise me! They held flaming swords. Their skin was bluish-white, their hair burned with bluish fire, their gowns were pure white and they soared like eagles. There must have been hundreds of thousands of them. They were much too numerous to count. The heavens were filled with angry angels, for they struck the jets from the sky...tossing them  aside like toys.

 And then you finished the book with, ' the multitudes were singing, and it was a song of praise and worship. Christ had returned!

Hallelujah !!"


"I know, but I’m saying I liked the book and I also liked the way you brought in your family, it made it an even better read. If I didn’t know you I would want to!!!" want too!!



Pitch, love that book!!!!



Access to the Attic is progressing quite well.  I am almost finish with chapter five.  I will keep you posted.



Hello everyone.  I just thought I would catch you up on my latest project.  I just started writing, Access to the Attic.  You can read the first chapter on the page of the same name.  I am  striving for a November 2012 publish date.

Good News!  Millennial Chronicles  is now ready for purchase.  Right now it is only on the publishers web-site, E-Book Time.  It is $14.95. In two weeks, 9/16/2009 it should be in the online book stores. Amazon, Borders and Barns & Noble.  Also can be bought from your local book store!  Just give then the author, Marian Nichols, the title, Millennial Chronicles, and the publisher, E-BookTime!



I received from the publisher the proofs for Millennial Chronicles.  The cover file and the text file.  I went ahead and approved the text file after skimming through the pages for correct layout and certain information.  I did not do a edit as I was totally satisfied before I sent it.  However, there were two small errors in the text for the back-cove and have asked that they be corrected.  That is all for now.  Still looking for a September publication date.  




After three days of editing, I have completed a read through of the manuscript!  I have now sent it to the publisher, E-BookTime, along with the cover file image, the description and author's photo for the back cover,  They Have confirmed receipt.  I met my self imposed deadline of August 1, to have it publish in September.



I have received Millennial Chronicles back from the proofreaders and they have given me some wonderful feed-back on the story.  I will read it through one more time before sending it on to the publisher.  Read the comments on MC page.

Also just a note on what else I have been working on.  I have created new promotional videos for each book and the video is displayed on each book's web page.  Check them out.

A new cover has been design for Millennial Chronicles.  It can be seen on the Millennial Chronicles page.  Thank you CA for your inspiration and for the actual layout and conversion of the original image.  
I have purchased my publishing package from E-BookTime.  Total cost was $570.  The paperback book was $395, the copyright was $125, the congress control number was $50.  I have spoken with the Publisher by phone on the 12 of June 2009, and have tentatively given a 6 weeks time frame for the proof readers to complete their edits and then it will be submitted.
Hopefully it will be publish by September 2009
That's all for now.



My proof reading has been completed and is now in the hands of the final editor.  When they have finished, I will send it to the publisher.  I am using E-BookTime again.  They are the publisher that publisher Second Event Chronicles. 

Good news!  Millennial Chronicles is finished!  It just needs a little editing and a final proofread by me before sending it to my proofreader.  Still have doubts on if I can actually get it publish any time soon.  I think I will get E-BookTime to publish it.  Stay tune.
I am almost finish with Millennial Chronicles.  I now have 23 chapters and maybe one or two left.  I want badly to publish it but finances are bad at the moment and I can't see it happening anytime soon.  
Update on Role-Playing Forum.  I have removed the forum.  Instead I created a new forum named 'the Haunted Asylum'  All topics and posts from CERP have been moved to the new forum.  There is a re-direction link to the new forum at the old one's location.  Drop by;
Have a great day. 
Well how are things out in cyber-space?  In my corner of the world, it has been very busy indeed.  I am still writing on Millennial Chronicles.  I am at page 208 with fifteen chapters.  I still hope to finish by the year’s end. 
Just now things are at a standstill as I am working on two different forums.  The role-playing forum, Characters Environments, has been lost and I see no hope of restoring it.  I was upgrading by way of Fantastico and the files were uploaded to my old domain, which no longer exists.  The backup file was corrupted and I am unable to restore the forum.
As I said above, I have created two new forums.  They are in sub-directories.  Christians Treasures’ Forum is a web site mainly for Christians and for sinners.  Its address is;
Please drop by and visit.  The forum is mostly open for guests to read but membership is by invitation and approval only.
The other is a re-creation of the role-playing forum.  I am starting it from scratch.  Its address is;
It too, is by approval.
On a more personal note, my youngest son, Kaylon, has gotten married.  They are expecting a baby boy in December.  They are naming him after my oldest deceased son, Tommy.  So little Tommy is on his way.  God Bless you all.


I have finished editing the entire book of Millennial Chronicles.  I added twenty plus pages to the manuscript.  It is now 176 pages with eleven chapters.  I am now writing chapter twelve.  I just might meet my own deadline of December, 2008!  Hopefully I can complete it before Christmas and have it sent to the publishers but January, 2009!  Pray for my success. 



Here is the latest news.  The Curse is ready for purchase on Xlibris web site and should be in other online bookstores in about a month.  You can purchase it from your local bookstore by asking them to order it for you.  Give them the book’s title, the Curse, the author, Marian Nichols, and the publisher, Xlibris.

Also, I am totally re-writing Millennial Chronicles from the beginning.  I had 156 pages when I began and have added 9 more pages without adding another chapter at the end, which makes it 165. I did split chapters one, two and three to add a chapter, 11 at the end.  I added the new material in those three chapters, at least so far.  There may be more added as well.  I am currently working on chapter 7.  I am editing to the best of my abilities.

I am looking at yet another self-publisher, Book Surge, who offers a higher royalties rate at 35%.  At present, I am only getting 15% on books sold through resellers, such as Amazon, Borders and Barn & Nobles, that is only $2 per book.  Amazon bought Book Surge, which is a good thing for the company’s authors.  Currently I am looking at a $800 package without marketing.  I told Grains Hill, my new contact, that I hope to complete the Millennial Chronicles by the end of 2008.  I need that time to pay down my credit card that I used for publishing my other books.

Well that’s it for now. Pray for me  to succeed.


I received my author's book copies this past Saturday, 3/24/'08.  Everything looked good and the dedication page was back in the book.  So, the book will now be made available for purchase.  It will be ready on Xlibris web site first then on other online bookstores in about two to four weeks.  I will post a buy now like on the order page when it is ready.


As of last week or so, I arranged for the dedication page to be added back in at a cost of $102.00.  Not too bad.  I have approved the cover files and the interior layout files and author copies have been order again.  I am awaiting their arrival for my approval.  Upon my approval the book, the Curse will go into production. When I have received my free copies, I will send Ed and my proofreader a copy.

I have received back my author's copies of the Curse and after reviewing, I found that the dedication page has been omitted.  I, therefore, will not approved them for publishing.

 I was certain that I had originally sent along with the manuscript the dedication page but I must have not done so.  I have, as of now, sent it.  I have not heard back from Xlibris but I do know that my e-mail was received and read.  This may cost me a few hundred more dollars, I hope not, I may have to leave that page out if the price is too high.

 As of last reporting no more of the Second Event Chronicles, nor the House of Riddles have sold.  I cannot afford any more advertisement of the books without further income to help cover my investment and to re-inverse me.  That is how things stand at the moment.

The Curse is now in the author's copy progress,  I've approved my interior layout and both cover files.  After I have received my author's copies and approved them, then the Curse will go into full production.  I will keep you updated, right here!

The House of Riddles is now selling on as well all other online book stores!

The Curse cover files and interior design has been approved. I have signed and returned the forms to give permission for publication.

The Curse has been sent to the publishers.

The House of Riddles is now available for sale on the Xlibris web site.  It is in both hardback and paperback.
The other online book stores will not have it available for at least two months, maybe by February of 2008.

More news on House of Riddles.  I was sent my two author's copies, hardback and paperback.  They were really good and I have approved them for publication.  I have not heard back from the publisher as yet on rather the forms have been received. 
At first they will only be available on Xlibris web site as it will take about 30 to 60 days for the online book stores to have them listed for sale.  Here is the link for Xlibris Publishers;

The manuscript for House of Riddles has been forward to the publisher.  It is now in production.

Sales for Second Event Chronicles are picking up.  Not great yet but getting there. 

Also the House of Riddle has been proof read and it needs some rewrites.  I will be doing that soon.  I am also re-working the Curse and then I will pass the manuscript to the proofreader. 

Work on the Millennial Chronicles continues as I am almost done with chapter eight.  Well, that's all I have to report today, have a good one.

Announcing my next project;
I am going to take the stories that my sisters, friends and I wrote in the role playing forum and transfer them into a story format.  We wrote some great little short stories but they cannot be used as they are.

It will be entitled, The Potter Sisters and Their Adventures in Fantasy World.  It will star, Switch, Pitch, Mitch, Flitch and Quitch with a first cousin, Twitch and two children, Snitch and Hitch.

I will also include in this book, my poems and my sisters poems and short stories that we all wrote and posted on the forum.

I have been checking out self publishers again.  As you know I went with E-BookTime to publish Second Event Chronicles and I think they did pretty well by me.  But, I was looking around just to see if there were any better deals out there and I think I found one.

A company called Xlibris, with whom I have gotten a fair a deal to publish both House of Riddles and the Curse for a terrific price.  The House of Riddles should be ready in about two months and the Curse in about six.