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"When I write, I shoot from the hip!"
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My name is Marian Parisher-Nichols.  I have lived in Rocky Mount since my marriage to Autrey Thomas Nichols in the year of 1964.  I was born in Maury North Carolina, which is no more than a crossroad.  I lived in Pinetops until my marriage.
I have three sons, but the oldest was killed in a motorcycle accident in August of 1985.  He was 'Tommy'.  I have two living sons, Ronnie and Kaylon.  I have an adopted daughter, my granddaughter, Lauren.  I have six grandchildren.
I worked most of my married life at different part time jobs until the year of 2002 after Lauren’s adoption.  I have always had a fondness for writing stories and poems but did not take it up seriously until this stage of my life.  Having a word processor and computer with internet access contributed to me having the time and the tools I needed to write.  However, I did not intend to have a career in writing this late in life.  Careers take decades to build successfully and I felt this was more of a hobby than a career to occupy me in my retirement.
I have told stories to my younger siblings since our childhood, but with marriage, a family and working, all put writing low on my priorities.  My first writings were just for me, with no intention of publishing, but one manuscript led to another and I had written three books before I knew it.  When considering publishing, I decided to self-publish, as I only wanted to see my works as books.  Also, sending manuscripts to different publishing houses meant more waiting and rejections.
My chosen genre is paranormal mysteries.  I am fascinated with the subject.  Probably like most people, I have had some experiences that I used in my books.  I have even used dreams as inspiration.  Unlike some authors, I do not lay out a story line before beginning a story.  I let the story write itself.  My characters often named themselves and they have been known to change their name given to them by me.  Often I am surprised by my characters, as they will not play as I think they should.  In other words, I begin to write with an idea in mind but it will end up very different from what I had envisioned.
I have written six books all of which are published.  I have completed Ghosts of WinShir .  Who doesn’t like a good haunting inside of an English castle?
The names of my books are Second Event Chronicles and Millennial Chronicles.  These two are about the second coming of Christ and the thousand-year rule on Earth.  The Curse is a murder mystery.  House of Riddles has a Cherokee theme, about a house in Boon NC that has hidden passageways.  Within the Attic deals with a Voodoo curse, a little boy that is drawn to the Attic.  Phantasyland Tales is three short stories with five sisters that protect the land from the Troll and the Ditch Witch.
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