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Author Marian Parisher-Nichols
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Ghosts of WinShire Castle >> Star-Crossed Lovers Travel across Time to Prevent a Curse and to be Reunited. Lord Richard and Lady Victoria haunt WinShire Castle, but on different levels of the castle. Neither spirit ever sees the other except once a year on the anniversary of the incident. The spirits recreate their deaths. Richard vow, as he dies, places a no heir curse on the castle. The Spirits seek to undo their murder and prevent the curse. Their distance descendants abandon the castle. Sandy Gaspar assesses the castle for sale; Lord Richard mistakes Sandy for Victoria. This leads to the possession of Josh and Sandy by the spirits of Richard and Victoria. Their knowledge of historical events prevents the curse and changes the history of WinShire. A new timeline has begun and the possessed couple awake believing that they are Lord Richard and Lady Victoria but in the 21st century. Dr Hawkins hypnotizes them and exorcises the ghosts. Josh and Sandy awake to a new timeline and no memory of their possession. Each experiences Deja Vu of the old history that appears randomly. They are missing for three days. Now it becomes very interesting, as the new timeline has Sandy as Lady Sandra of WinShire Castle and Josh engaged to Ophelia Thigpen, a witch.

Upon its remote mount, WinShire Castle endures.  Haunted for centuries, the resident ghosts are star-crossed lovers who seek each other within its dark halls.  Lord Richard and Lady Victoria were murdered on their wedding night.  As they died, Richard placed a curse upon the castle that resulted in the No Heir Curse. The castle is passed down to distance relatives, until abandoned, and left to the elements.  Sandy Gaspar, a real estate agent, is given the task of selling the castle.  Her entrance into the castle attracts attention from the spirits. During her inspection, she becomes trapped in the dungeon and is rescued by Josh Foxworth.  The ghosts see their chance to prevent the curse; they possessed Josh and Sandy. Time regressed to the evening of the massacre in 1569AD.  Re-enactment of that auspicious eve results in preventing the deaths of Richard and Victoria.  This has altered the Timeline.  Next morning finds a different castle!  Now, Josh is engaged to Ophelia, the Witch, and Sandy is the daughter of the current Lordship.  They have no memory of their night in the castle.  The surprise consequence leads them into a world of dark magic, and attempts on Sandy‚Äôs life!