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Author Marian Parisher-Nichols
Poems and short stories, free to read.
"When I write, I shoot from the hip!"


The Care Taker

When darkness overtakes the land,

And the winds begin to howl,

And the creatures of the night

Begin their nightly prowl.

When the moon climbs into the sky

To hold court over its domain

While peering through the drifting clouds,

And listening to the breeze’s refrain!

The autumn chill takes a hold

Whilst the wind strips the trees

Leaving their branches naked and bare,

Then coerces the fallen leaves!

High in the limbs of the oak

Sits a great horned owl.

This guardian of the glen,

Hoots his warning now!

The bony fingers of the thistle

Scratches against the mist

While the lone feral cat

Arches his back to hiss!

Glowing eyes within the bushes peer

Probing through the murk,

Forever watchful are they

For the dangers that do lurk!

Along this lonely path

A forlorn figure treads

Scattering leaves before him

Just as the critters fled.

The wind tugs at the tails

Of his long flowing mantle,

A fedora is worn low on his brow,

Some defense against the encounter!

He proceeds in silent boots

And carries a wooden staff

While the light of his lantern,

His shadow it doth cast.

He makes this nightly journey,

About the Church’s grounds,

Inspecting windows and doors,

And analyze all strange sounds!

But this night he is presented

With a terrible scream

That sets his nerves on edge

As he races for the scene.

As the caretaker hastened

To save the Miss in danger

He is brought up short

By the beauty of this stranger.

She is bathed in light,

And dressed in a sheer veil,

Floating just off the ground,

Beside of the old church’s well.

The Care Taker halts and waits,

His eyes glued to the girl,

As she beckons with her hand

Drawing him closer to her world.

Her skin glistens like dew,

Translucent, pale and fair,

Her eyes flashed like sapphires,

As lightning through the air!

The Caretaker is quiet and still

Overcome by her charm,

Then moves slowly towards her,

Not thinking of the harm.

Step by step, he advances,

Never wavering from his course

She whispers words of encouragements,

With the seductiveness of her voice.

All the while, she hovers there,

With her extended arms,

An invitation offered him,

“Come my love, taste my charms!”

The wind begins to howl

As though a warning it needs to give,

“Stay away from her,” it called,

“If you want to live!”

The moon glares down

Upon hearing this wild tirade,

Now from the creatures of the night,

Warning of her false façade.

A man has inherent fear,

But the Caretaker has lost its trace,

As he now steps within,

The circle of her deadly embrace!

At first his passion flares,

As that longing which comes upon men,

He reaches to touch her face,

To kiss the pale lips and then...

She smiles as she pulls him close,

Then whispers so only he can hear,

“You are my love tonight,

And I need what you have, my dear.”

The Caretaker never wavers

As though awaiting his fate,

Then suddenly he turns cold,

As his lips, she does take.

Their kiss deepens and forever lasts,

Blissfully their souls entwine,

Then suddenly danger signals,

Penetrating the brambles of his mind!

But it is too late

As the night hears his scream,

She has sank her fangs deep

As his blood runs in streams!

Having satisfied her lust

She feels her energy replenished

She laughs at her victim,

For his life is finished.

She allows the body to collapse

Having taken what she dare

Then smiling sedately,

She flies into the air.

When daylight overtakes the land,

And the cock begins to crow,

And the creature of the day,

Welcomes the sun’s warm glow.

The mockingbird sings his song,

But all is not as it should be,

For on the ground near the old well,

Lays a cloak, a fedora but no body!

The End??


The Beginning!