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Author Marian Parisher-Nichols
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Chapter Three of Millennial Chronicles
We, the survivors of the Tribulation, now looked forward to the return of our loved ones; the last to die would be the first to be resurrected.  After the resurrection of the prophets of old, we were told that no more people would be resurrected until after the first year had ended, for we needed time to build homes and to regain land from the oceans, deserts and frozen tundra.

Our heads of government told us, that if all the landmasses on Earth were made fit for habitation, including the poles, mountain ranges and the continent of Antarctica, there would be enough room for the human populations to live.  However, getting these areas ready for habitation would take a little time.  Although not the billions of geological years usually needed, but just within the first year to ten years of the Millennial Kingdom.

Our transformation into spirit did not happen,  No, we remained flesh and blood.  However, being human and mortal at this time did have its advantages!  Yes, we who survived the Tribulation were growing healthier and younger.  Grey hair was returning to the color of youth, missing teeth grew back in, eyes no longer needed glasses to see, any organs missing or diseased, any missing appendages, the skin, birth defects, all were regenerated to that of a thirty year old and in better condition.

Now all of this was gradual, like growing old was gradual, and did not happen in a single day.  No, it took most of the first year after Christ’s return for us mortals to renew ourselves.

I especially took delight in the weather!  It stayed mainly in the seventies with only a ten-degree variation.  We had rain but not the violent storms that ripped up tornadoes or hurricanes.  The sky was a clear light blue, with white wispy clouds and a bright sun.  At night, we saw the Milky Way as only our ancestral had seen it.  The stars twinkled in the violet velvet of darkness. 

The water that we drank was almost sweet, with the impurities and bacteria removed.  Our food had never tasted so good!  No one was getting sick, and those with chronic ailments were getting well.  Evidence of the destruction was vanishing, slowly but surely!

However, I was getting ahead of myself; we were planning a full family reunion and Clara would host this one.  I felt much better these days; the vegetarian diet and the lack of unhealthy carbohydrates had dropped the pounds from me, I felt lighter and slimmer and for the first times in thirty years, I had energy.


I decided I would cook a big pot of turnip salad, one of my favorite greens and a plate of baked corn bread.  With the new dietary rules, fried foods were out.  I peeled and stewed some apples sweetened with honey and spiced with ginger and cinnamon for dessert.  We hadn’t had refined sugar in a long-time and bleached white flour was also a forbidden food.  Whole grains were the norm now, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, such as sunflower were now our sources of nourishment.  The cravings for fried, overly salty and sweet foods were gone.  They were unavailable and we did not miss them.

I arrived at Clara’s at about eleven thirty am.  She was already setting tables with help from our sister Larraine.  Larraine lived not far from Clara, so had decided to come to see if she needed an extra pair of hands.  We all know you can’t have too many hands.  It was a beautiful First-Day, (or Sunday, a name we no longer used) and we were eating outside.

“Hey, y’all, how goes things?”  I asked as I approached them, but I was thinking, ‘there’s something different about them.’  They must have thought about the same thing, because they spoke my thoughts.

“Hi, Alyce, what have you done to yourself?” asked Clara.

“I took a bath and brushed my teeth,” I joked back at them.

“Well, we sure are glad you did that,” Larraine grinned, as she gave me a hug.

“Do you remember our last get-together?”  I asked.

“Yes,” they answered together.  “Why?”

“It was right after Jesus had returned,” said Clara.

“Why do you ask?” finished Larraine.

“That was over a month ago, right?”

They nodded their heads in agreement.

“I can see some changes in you two,” I confided.

At that we all three examined each other from head to toe to hands to hair to skin, making each other turn around so we could get a better assessment.

“Larraine, your crows’ feet are gone,” I said.  That had always been a sore note with Larraine, fine lines around her eyes that she had at a very young age.  “You’re looking slimmer too, but not skinny yet,” I laughed.

“Your hips are narrower, Clara,” Larraine said.  Clara had always carried most of her weight in her legs.

“I guess what Anton said at the Sabbath sermon yesterday is true.”  Anton was the angel who was in charge of our sector.

“You know, I do feel better.  I’m sleeping better,” I said, as if just realizing it.

Larraine and Clara agreed.  Soon Anne, Ruth, Drow and Colon arrived at about the time we were evaluating each other and we did the same with them.  Oh, this was fun, seeing my siblings looking so good and healthy.  I had never felt such a deep love for them as I did at that moment and was so grateful to have survived the worst times of our lives.  Yes, God, it was great to be alive!

Not long after I arrived, our many relatives came driving up and everything became a little hectic but we pulled it all together and had a very nice reunion.


“Good evening, Brethren,” said the Director of Public Affairs.  This was none other than Saint John, the Apostle, who was in the spirit rather than the flesh.  You could always tell if beings were in the spirit because of the soft, bluish aura that enshrouded them. However, because they were human spirits and not angels, their eyes remained the same.

“We are on the Isle of Great Britain, where King William V will proclaim his abdication this evening.  Let the proceedings commence,” he announced.

We watched as a picture of Westminster Abbey came into view; it was a square- shaped building constructed in the fifteenth century.  Having survived the tribulation, it had only its roof scorched from the burning of the sky when the comet had struck the moon.  The camera swept downward and into the Abbey’s arched door and further into the interior where Saint John was awaiting us.

He turned and proceeded towards another section of the Abbey, all the while giving us more information on this event.

“As many of you know, Queen Elizabeth II, bypassed her firstborn son, Charles, and stipulated that Prince William should take the throne at her death.  The Queen at the time was under divine influence, so that a King who had committed adultery could not defile the throne of the House of David, which would soon be occupied by Christ.

“A look into the past will enlighten us as to why the Queen chose to crown her grandson rather than her son.

“Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, became King when his brother, King Edward VIII, abdicated his claim to the throne due to the fact that he married a twice divorced woman from the United States, Wallis Simpson.  Edward’s reign was the shortest, lasting a mere eleven months.  He received the title, Duke of Windsor.

“Charles’ divorce from Diana and his marriage later to Camilla, were both acts of adultery and proper grounds for his removal from the line of accession.

“Those in past times who defiled the throne, face harsh opinions and will answer for their actions at their judgment,” Saint John then paused for a moment.

At this brief intermission, my mind wandered to that time in history, and I recalled what I had read about this romance.  Wallis Simpson and Edward never had children, with Edward living until 1972.  His brother George, who became King, died in 1952, from cancer, leaving the throne to twenty-six year old Elizabeth, the elder of his two daughters.

“The Coronation Chair sits upon yet another legend of the Bible, Jacob’s Pillar,” Saint John resumed.

Jacob’s Pillar was a stone that the Patriarch used as a pillow when he slept and dreamt of a ladder to Heaven, on which angels ascended and descended.  Jacob wrestled with Yeshua on this night.  Jacob declared the stone to belong to the House of Yahweh [YHVH] forever, and it remained with the Patriarch and his descendants.

“The Stone was first brought to Ireland in 583 BC by the lost tribe of Ephraim, descendants of Joseph, by one of his twin sons.  It stayed there until 506 AD, after which, in the ninth century, it found its way to the British Isles, initially to Scotland, where they knew it as the Stone of Destiny.  The Kings of Dalriada in west Scotland used it in their coronation ceremonies.  It was moved from western Scotland when Kenneth I, the thirty-sixth King of Scotland, relocated his capital to Scone around 840 AD.

“John Balliol was the last Scottish king to be crowned on the stone at Scone, in the year 1292.  King Edward I removed the Stone from Scone taking it to England in 1296, and there it remained under the Coronation Throne, here in Westminster Abbey in London, for the next seven hundred years.

“The Stone stayed with the English Kingdom until the mid-twentieth century when a brazen break in of the Abbey, by three Scotsmen, took place.  They, after much labor, removed the stone from beneath the throne, and took it back to Scotland where they celebrated the return of the Stone of Destiny.

“The Stone was discovered four months later wrapped in a Scottish flag, lying on the High Altar of Arbroath Abbey.  Speculation was that this might be a forgery, a carved likeness of the Stone.  It was, however, the true Jacob’s Pillar.  Divinely orchestrated was its return, arriving back in England just in time for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

“Then, in the year 1996, on St. Andrew’s Day, Scotland was given back the Stone as a goodwill gesture by the Crown, and it was kept in Edinburgh Castle.  Scotland returned it to Westminster Abbey for the coronation of King William V, and it has remained here since.

“After the abdication of King William, the Stone will be removed and taken to the Kahal Eloah in Jerusalem and placed beneath the diamond throne of Judgment.  This will be the Stone’s final berth.

“Then another ceremony will take place as Yeshua will officially be crowned as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I will officiate at this coronation.

“Let us now begin with the handing over of sovereignty by King William,” said Saint John as he waved his right hand in an upward sweep.

Now entering from the right side of the screen appeared a very youthful King William.  He smiled into the camera and addressed the audience.

“Good evening my brethren. Before I formally resign my Sovereignty, I have a special guest.  As Saint John has just related to you the history of Jacob’s Pillar, we felt it only fitting that the owner of the Stone be the one to present it to Yeshua, our Lord and King.”

“I present to you Jacob, or Israel, as he was later named by Yahweh.”

King William stepped to one side and waited as a new figure came on camera.  He also was in the spirit.  Of course, no one today knew what Jacob looked like but his appearance, nonetheless, was a little startling.  As I mentioned before, because he lived and died before Christ paid the ransom for humanity, this factor prevented him and all the prophets of old from being in the ruling class.  This privilege was reserved for the Hundred and Forty Four Thousand.

He wore the attire of his era, which was a simple blue ankle length tunic with an open button-less vest.  His beard and short curly hair were brown, as were his eyes.

“Good evening, I would like to say how overjoyed I am to be here in this wonderful New Earth.  Upon awakening from my sleep, I am satisfied with what I have learned.  The promise made to my grandfather, Abraham, has been fulfilled way beyond my expectations.”

Yahweh [YHVH]’s word once spoken does not return to Him unfulfilled.  I will have the honor of presenting to Yeshua the Stone upon which I laid my head and saw the angels climbing a ladder to heaven.  It was also on this night that I wrestled with Yeshua, whom I have since learned, was the Messiah.  Had I only known His true idenity!”

Then King William stepped back into the picture.  “Now I present to you Jacob’s Pillar, also known as the Stone of Destiny, so that it can be used in the Coronation of Yeshua,” he said, and indicated an area to his right.  The camera panned in that direction.

We saw a brownish block of sandstone, its dimensions were hard for me to estimate but if I had to, I would say it looked to be roughly two feet by three feet, and a foot thick.

Saint John rejoined the two and said, “Although this is an ordinary looking stone, its merit and history are held in high regard by Jacob’s direct descendants, by Joseph to his son Ephraim and, finally, here.”

“The Tribe of Ephraim guarded the Stone admirably, for it had actually saved them in the past, and had at one time even given them water to drink.”

The Stone was situated on a purple velvet cloth on a stand.  Two angels, known as Seraphim, took charge of the Stone.  These angelic beings’ bodies emitted such luminance that it temporarily blinded everyone in their presence.  Seraphim surrounded the very Throne of Yahweh [YHVH] and saw to the direct services of the Deity.  This is why they guarded the Stone.  They wrapped the Stone in the velvet material, suspended it in mid-air and waited.

King William spoke; “I return to you, O Patriarch, your possession.  We thank you for its loan.”

“I accept and I personally will escort it to the Kahal Eloah in Jerusalem,” Jacob replied, as he bowed slightly.

King William then bowed and addressed Saint John, “I relinquish my Sovereignty and my crown,” removing his crown as he spoke, “and abdicate to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and take my place as one of His subjects.”

Saint John received the crown and said, “Blessings upon your brow and upon your house, for you have guarded well that which was most special and precious.  Arise, Prince William.”

The scene ended as we watched the procession of the Seraphim carrying the stone from the Abbey.


“The Chancellor has arrived at the new High Court in Jerusalem.  He was escorted here by the soldiers of the High Command of the New World Militia,” said the young male reporter on the evening televised news.

We knew that this day was coming.  Ever since the arrest of the Chancellor, the Earth had awaited his trial.  On the screen, we saw a lone blue van bearing the New World Order insignia on each side and with darkened windows; it pulled up to one of the arched entryways of the Kahal Eloah.

“The Chancellor will be held in the secure cubicles of the penal complex on the second story of the Sapphire Tier of the Kahal Eloah.  His trial date has been set, which is why he has been brought here.”


They would hold the trial on the Diamond Tier of the Kahal Eloah before the Great White Throne of Judgment.  Yeshua would preside, for this would be the first of many of these trials.  Except for the Throne itself, the only other furnishings were the rows and rows of seats circling the Throne.  We learned that there would be a jury, and spiritual beings would present evidence.  Where only spirit beings existed, we would see those proceedings via television.

The jurors used in these trials would be the Twelve Disciples who also held other offices in the Kingdom.  The courtroom was quiet and formal, with no talking, as it began to fill with spectators.  After everyone settled down, two Cherubim escorted in the Chancellor, who wore a grey burlap tunic with no shoes.  The courtroom official asked everyone to rise and then the Judge came in and sat on the Throne of carved Diamonds.

Yeshua wore white robes with a golden sash and carried a scepter.  A soft aura surrounded Him, because He was spirit and would no longer appear as a being of flesh and blood.

I didn’t keep my television tuned to this channel continuously, although I frequently checked to see what was happening.  As things moved along there was testimony from angels and some of the Saints that were persecuted by the Chancellor during the Tribulation.  The angels’ testimonies were the most damning, as they testified to conduct by the Chancellor that had not been seen by any living being.  The Saints testified to the brutality of the treatment and even death, by the soldiers under direct order of the Chancellor during the Tribulation.

There was a recounting of the history of the Church, from its conception by Deckard I, when Asbath went from the worship of many gods and pagan rituals, to the one God.  Yet they kept many rituals that they Christianized, inventing a religion that did not follow the exact spirit for the true Church.  This forced God’s true followers to go underground in order to continue the proper worship of Yahweh [YHVH] and Yeshua.

Many atrocities were committed during the Church’s long history, from the Inquisitions to the Crusades of the Knights Templar.  People who committed sacrilege in the eyes of the Principal Church were arrested, tortured and often put to death by some of the most horrific methods that the human mind could contrive!

The Asbath Principal Church banned the Sabbath or Saturday, the Seventh Day, as the day for worship, saying it was Jewish and since the Jews did not accept Christ as the Messiah, it would not do for Christianity to use it for their day of worship, or day of rest.  Thus Sunday, or the First-Day was chosen instead.  The Asbath Principal Church adopted so many new rules and rituals into Christianity, that it did not resemble the True Church.

The event that Christ ordered his Disciples to observe annually, known as the Last Supper, became part of the pagan observance of the end of winter and the beginning of spring.  Ester, the Asbath god of fertility, became known as Easter.

The winter solace became Christmas, or the celebration of Christ’s birth, which we weren’t ordered to observe and in any case, it was the wrong time of the year.  It should have been in the fall, somewhere around September or, perhaps April, but not the coldest time of the year.  For the Bible stated plainly that the shepherds were guarding their flocks and this did not happen in the dead of winter.

The American Holiday of Thanksgiving was the only recognized holiday that stayed in the true spirit of its creation, which was the giving of thanks for a bountiful harvest and the survival of the people for another year.

Although not recognized at the time, this new Church was conceived in corruption and behind its conception was none other than Lucifer himself, the liar and the deceiver!  He was very successful in steering the human race away from God and seducing them into undercover worship of himself, for which he was now paying a terrible price.

This trial went on for the better part of two months and I am sure much was brought out into the open that most likely surprised the inhabitants of Earth!  We learned how the true Church survived over the centuries.  How it had been divinely protected, grown and crossed, the Atlantic Ocean to the new world to fulfill the prophecy and the promise made to Abraham.  These Christians remained faithful and true and were the majority of the Hundred and Forty-Four thousand who were now co-rulers with Christ in His Kingdom.

Also, we learned that some members of the Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand had been people who had never attended a formal service in a church, but had lived their lives as instructed by the Bible and in the laws of Moses, the Ten Commandments.  This proved that a formal worship of Yahweh [YHVH] and Yeshua was not a requirement for Sainthood, but only a good heart, clean spiritual lives and a strong belief in God the Father and God the Son.