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Author Marian Parisher-Nichols
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Chapter Two of Millennial Chronciles

Legions of angels were scattered about the Earth to aid the Local Militia in protecting the civilians and enforcing the Ten Commandments.  You would think that the Earth no longer needed an army but there was still evil in the world and not all wickedness was under control.  So although we were safer than we had ever been, until the end of the thousand years, we would still need protection.

In addition, each family unit would have a guardian angel; there would be one angel per twelve homes.  These angels would be responsible for the family’s safety and instruction in the rules and laws of Yahweh [YHVH], which each member should follow for good health and an uncontaminated mind.

A ten-percent tithe of the earnings or harvest was the responsibility of each household and collected at the four-hour Sabbath’s Worship services, either weekly or monthly.

The days of the week had their pagan names changed to a number such as First- Day, Second-Day, Third-Day and so forth.  The months also lost their pagan names and became First-Month, Second-Month, Third-Month and so on.

An Earth day had lengthened by twenty minutes.  This had happened when the comet struck the moon, forcing it into a closer orbit, thus creating a stronger gravitational pull on both orbs and slowing the Earth’s rotation.  A year now had three hundred and sixty days.  Each month had thirty days.  This represented a 360-degree circle and now signified completion.

New feast and celebratory days or weeks replaced all former pagan holidays.  In addition, we no longer held elections!  A political campaign was an event of our former lives.  Politicians no longer spent millions of dollars gaining political office claiming to represent the will of the people, for there would be no ‘will of the people’ but the Will of Yahweh [YHVH]!  We now had a monarchy, not a democracy!  Only this ‘monarchy’ would be for the good of man and not for lining the pockets of its rulers with gold and silver.

Another big surprise for the planet was the announcement that Christ would claim the Throne of King David.  The throne of the twelve tribes of Israel still existed and more surprisingly, it was the Throne of England occupied by King William V.

King William V, in a ceremony, would officially abdicate his throne, and step aside willingly for the King of kings and the Lord of lords to take His rightful place on that ancient throne.  This would be the second official act of the new Kingdom, the first would be a special resurrection and we could watch both on our televisions.

Our leaders now consisted of Yeshua, the Twelve Apostles, the Twenty Four Elders, who would act as judges and the Hundred and Forty Four Thousand, who had earned their right to administrate with Christ in the new Kingdom of God, by their steadfast loyalty and sacrifice for their/our God.  They were the ones already raised from their graves.  They were the ones who had changed in the wink of an eye and had then disappeared from this Earth over the last few months of the Tribulation.  They had risen into the heavens to unite with Christ and then returned to this Earth to become rulers with Him.

During the Tribulation, most of the wicked died; those of us remaining did so by prayer and by not partaking of the sins of the flesh.  We had unknowingly been a part of our own salvation.  Although not qualified to be rulers, we had proven ourselves worthy of being citizens of the new Kingdom and flexible enough to comply with the laws and regulations that this government presented to the populace.

For the first time in human history since the Garden of Eden, one sole King ruled humanity.  All laws pertained to all people.  For once, what was fair for one was fair for the other.

The Ten Commandments were the laws of the land!  However, the Ark that held the original stone tablets given to Moses, was missing!


Yes, the Ark of the Covenant was indeed missing but we all knew where its last known location was.  The Chancellor had taken it to the Goveian, into the great Cathedral in Asbath, the Goveian itself, which still stood!  One could only speculate as to why it still stood, when nothing surrounding it did.  This was because it had the protection of the Ark!

Six months into the first year, the primary concern of the new government, was housing and food for the survivors of the Great Tribulation.  Each day saw improvements in our standard of living.  There were people who survived somehow, in the poorest areas of the world (what we have always called the Third World), who for the first time in their lives, had real homes, with all the amenities that came to be necessary to live in a healthy environment.


“Hello,” I said, as I picked up the ringing telephone.  “Oh hi, Anne, how goes things out your way?”

“It gets better every day,” replied Anne, “Which is one reason that I called.  I want to have a big family reunion here at my house.  What do you think?”

“I think that would be a great idea.  When did you want to have it?”

“Well, I was thinking about First-Day in about a month.  I’ll make a vegetable soup with rye crackers and pineapple cake.  How does that sound?”

“Sounds terrific to me,” I replied.  “We can ask everyone to bring a covered dish to help feed the lot of us.”

Hence, it was a planned get-together at Anne’s house.  This family reunion would include all our relatives; children, grandchildren, cousins and distant relatives as well.


Meanwhile, new operations were underway at the Temple.

“A decree has been issued, which commands that the Chancellor go to Jerusalem,” said a new face on the television screen.  “It also demands that the Ark of the Covenant be surrendered to the proper authorities.  Failure to comply will result in immediate action.”

This broadcast originated from inside the communications’ edifice on the second level of the Emerald Tier of the Temple in Jerusalem.  Sent out daily, these communications reported the news of continuing restoration and any new regulations.


Yes, things were changing and it was all for the better.  For the first time in many years, my family was going to a Tabernacle.  The houses of worship were losing their former names, such as church, synagogue or cathedral.  With services held twice a week, the main sermon was given on the Sabbath and lasted four hours.  The Sabbath was of course our seventh day of the week formally known as Saturday, now, once again known as the Sabbath!

We attended evening services, which often began with a meal on the Third Day of the Week, or Tuesday, for two hours.  We received instructions in proper prayer technique.  How often we prayed was up to us.  Of course, we were encouraged always to feel free to speak with Yahweh [YHVH] by way of Yeshua, through prayer at any time.  We also began Daily Devotionals, which differed from our former manner of Bible study, in that we no longer used the Bible.  Instead, they gave us a new book entitled, Yahweh [YHVH]’s Plan for Man in the Universe.  This was not a standard book of paper and cardboard, no these were electronic books with a screen of about four inches by six inches, very similar to blackberries or the handheld devices used before the Tribulation.

However, the Bible was still valued for its historical content and meaningful lessons.  This new book summarized what to expect during the Millennium and what might be in store for Man afterwards.  Protection placed on The Book prevented Man from reading ahead.  We only saw that day’s lesson.

As I said before, we wanted for nothing, from decent clothing to daily provisions.  Our instructor was an angel; he only faintly resembled the human male, for he was unusually youthful looking.  He had pale skin and short platinum hair with the vacant orbs for eyes, relevant only to angels and others of the spirit realm.  As an immortal spirit, he had no use for the human physiology of eyes, or circulatory, nervous or digestive system.  This concept was hard for mere mortals to understand; understand it, no, accept it, yes.

(A spirit was not physical after all, therefore not requiring the attributes of the flesh to sustain its spiritual life.  A spirit was energy, energy that the spirit received at its conversion or creation, whatever the case.

We also learned that angels did not need to consume nourishment, although they could.  Nor did they need to breathe or to drink, although they could.  They could sustain themselves under water or in the vacuum of space.  In other words, their life was self-sustaining with them needing nothing further.  They were immortal; they could not die!  However, they could be bound by energy released by way of the Holy Spirit by Yahweh [YHVH] or Yeshua.  This is what happened with Lucifer and his demons for now they were in chains and confined to the bottomless pit for a thousand years!

This was Yahweh [YHVH]’s plan for His God Family, this spirit body, which we would receive when we fulfilled our roles and achieved our destiny.)

All angels looked this way with a few distinguishing features: hair color ranged from white or pink to bluest grey; the eyes were only vacant orbs; they lack an iris or a pupil and were either pale blue or grey, a most disturbing feature to perceive.  We did however become accustomed to viewing them.  Their skin was bluish white to pinkest brown with the soft bluish aura that revealed them as spiritual beings.

We were told that, by our calculation of time, they could be thousands of years old, for after Yahweh [YHVH] begat His first-born son, Yeshua, they together created many sons and these were the angels.

When asked if there were female angels, they replied that angels were neither male nor female but that they generally took on the characteristic of the human male, without the facial hair.  There was one exception to this rule, however.  The group of angels with whom man had the most contact and would recognize more quickly was the Principalities.  These angels looked feminine and were our Guardian Angels.  I liked the Principalities the best.  They worked one on one with you; they would become your friend and were always the ones to comfort you when you needed it the most.

It had always been within the angel’s power to manifest itself in many different guises.  One notable occasion was when the sons of God, angels, manifested as virile males, copulated with the daughters of Man and begat offspring that were both supernatural being and human.  This was an abomination, which was prohibited by Yahweh [YHVH] and punished, by removing from all angels the ability to function as human males.

These super humans were mistaken for gods and were one reason for the worldwide flood of Noah’s time.  They drowned in the deluge.  They were the source of many myths that arose during that period.

Our resident angel used no written material from which to instruct; its intellect and vast cerebral reservoir of knowledge was its only source.  We had a history lesson that I have already related to you at the beginning of my first chronicle.  The main thing that most of the world was surprised to learn was that the Family of God did not begin in the book of Genesis.  We learned that Genesis was actually a restoration of the Earth and its galaxy known to us as the Milky Way.  We had so much to learn that they taught it to us in stages.


“Breaking news,” the reporter said from the television in the living room.  I quit what I was doing to watch.

“The Sacred Dominion  has launched a host of angels to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant from the Chancellor’s compound.  He has not responded to orders to appear before the judicial authorities or to hand over the Ark.

“There, on the horizon…  Jim, direct your camera behind me, there, the darkening cloud… yes, there.”

The scene changed on my television; the camera operator panned to the right and slightly above the reporter’s shoulder, as he stepped to one side to get out of the frame.  At first, to me, it looked as though a thunderstorm was brewing, for the cloud steadily grew larger.

There was a large band of angels, horrific looking creatures, of which I had not seen the likes before!  They had eight wings each.  They had four faces; an ox, an eagle, a lion and a man.  As the camera operator zoomed in on just one of the Cherubim to give us a more detailed view of it, I saw that the wings had many eyes!  Their human torsos were naked and reveal no genitals; their feet were hooves like an ox.  I could not guess their number.

“They are hovering over the Goveian, the Chancellor’s residence,” the reporter’s voice broke into my thoughts.

“We received information from the authorities that if the Chancellor did not surrender, action would be taken.  We set up our portable news station about two miles away from the compound in anticipation of some kind of action by the Sacred Dominion.

“Those are Cherubim, angels that are the guardians of the Earth and the Universe.  They carry out the direct command of Yahweh [YHVH] and Yeshua.  I would not wish to be taken by them.  Their very appearance is enough to freeze a man in his tracks.  This should be an easy capture.

“Jim, keep the camera on the compound,” instructed the reporter when he was once more in the picture.

It was as if watching a disaster movie, as these angels enveloped the compound.  There was a churning of their bodies as proceedings commenced.  Again, there was a nearer view as the camera operator zoomed in on the attack.  Each Cherub began to spin, they whirled so rapidly that they were only a blur; together their efforts caused the compound to explode in clouds of dust and flame.  Miraculously, people ran from the ensuing disaster, seemingly uninjured.  Quickly, the angels subdued them.

“We can’t see or tell for certain,” the reporter said, “but I am getting info in my earpiece that the Chancellor is one of those captured.  The Cherubim have carried the offenders away.  The Chancellor appeared as the occupants ran, a Cherub swooped down and wrapped him in six of its eight wings and flew away with him.

“I can’t imagine the swiftness with which this operation has been deployed.  Only a few Cherubim are remaining at the compound.  They seem to be waiting for something.”

On my TV screen, that something was to allow the flame and dust to settle, to have access to what was left of the compound.  Now the air around the compound cleared, only rubble remained with wisps of dust and smoke drifting skyward.  Out of the gloom, we saw a brilliant light and it lifted high into the sky.  It was the Ark, untouched by the assault.  As immortal beings, four Cherubim seized the Ark and flew away with it, suffering no injury from contact with the holy vessel.

No longer having the Ark’s protection, the Chancellor’s army disbanded; its soldiers were taken into custody to begin their instruction and rehabilitation.  The Chancellor still had supporters at liberty but they scattered into the countryside.


On television, Man, for the first time since the reign of King Solomon, saw the stone tablets that had the Ten Commandments inscribed on them by the very hand of God.  Four angels removed the tablets from the Ark and positioned them on special golden tripods, one for each tablet, to remain permanently on display.  Exhibited in a central location on the lowest floor of the Emerald Tier of the Temple, they were the first objects seen when you entered from any of the twelve archways.

The stones were more striking than we could have imagined.  They were of white marble, with a square base and an arched crest; they were about six inches thick and were four feet by two feet in dimension.  There was a soft, greenish aura emitting from the stones.

Two Cherubim remained on guard on either side of each tablet to prevent any mortal from touching the stones, as contact would be deadly for them.

The setting of the Stones led to a special ceremony held on the Diamond Tier of the Temple that we could witness on our televisions.


Our King of Kings sat on a throne of gold.  He wore a long white robe with a gold sash, which draped from his left shoulder, around his body and enfolded his right arm.  He did not speak, but every once in awhile, the television cameras focused on his face.

Yeshua, Christ, did not look anything like the pictures we have always associated with him.  He had no beard and was extremely youthful in appearance.  He had silver white, short, curly hair and white orbs for eyes.  His gaze was like a probe and you knew you could not hide even your innermost thoughts from Him.

He stood and seemingly floated to the center of the stage, He was tall and slender but muscular with pale skin and, for the first time, He spoke.  His voice was likened unto many waters, unearthly and chilling.

“Salutations my people!  As your Sovereign, I take this opportunity to express my pleasure with you.  You have come far.  Our first course of action is to name Yahweh’s House.  From now on, Kahal Eloah, (Congregation of the Living God), is its appellation.

“It will not be long now before the resurrection of the dead will commence and I am well aware that you eagerly await the return of your loved ones.  We will begin this the First-Month after the First-Year.

“However, there are those of fervent faith and loyal service who have already earned the right to an immediate resurrection and we will conduct that ceremony now.

“As I read the name from the Scroll of Life, the person called will awake from his slumber and be alive with us.”

Yeshua, Himself, would conduct this service.  He returned to His throne in a fluid motion; Gabriel handed Him a rolled up parchment that looked ancient.  Christ unwound it from the top to the bottom and then proceeded to call out names, some that were familiar to me and some that weren’t.  These now were of the second resurrection and were not part of the first resurrection, which were the hundred and forty four thousand, seated in the audience watching these proceedings.

The ones resurrected today would materialize as spirits, having passed their trial during their earthly lives.  They were being called forth for their heavenly reward, not judgment; but the next group resurrected would not be until after the first year.  Those of the third resurrection would not resurrect in the spirit, but the flesh, for judgment.  Judgment meant a retraining for some and damnation for others.  Their past lives dictated how they would be judged; sentenced or rewarded.  They must prove their worthiness for immortality, as must we all.  The end of the Millennium was the time for the testing of the majority and then trial and proper penalty or reward issued.

Christ stood, as though to honor the one to be called, “I call you forth from the grasp of death, from the darkness of Sheol, awake from your slumber and come forth into the light, you obedient and loyal servant, Abraham!”

My heart skipped a beat as a figure materialized.  It was suspended: floating, seemingly asleep;  he appeared as he had in his youth.

He wore the garb of his day, but looked like he might be about thirty years old, instead of the hundred and seventy-five that Abraham was, when he fell asleep in death.  This figure emitted a blue aura that enshrouded him, a sign that he was resurrected in the spirit and not the flesh.

After the briefest of moments, his eyes fluttered and opened.  The apparition looked about him, he raised his arms and stretched and he then moved his hands over his body, touched his own face and then looked at Yeshua.

There was an immediate recognition as he fell to his knees and cried, “My Lord, my God!”

This scene was to repeat a dozen more times, when all the prophets and the faithful of the Old Testament found life once more.  Each repeated the actions of Abraham.

Isaac, Jacob, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Micah, Malachi, Elisha, Moses, Aaron, Joshua, the resurrections continued, one every few minutes.  This brought glad tidings to my heart; to see the great men and women of the Bible, of whom I have often read, reap their just reward.  These faithful servants of Yahweh [YHVH], could not partake of the first resurrection because they died before the ransom, paid by Christ, could free them.  Now they were to receive their eternal reward, which we all yearned for, immortality!

Then was the resurrection of Mary, Christ’s own mother.  She was in fact the very last to come forth.  Joseph had been called much earlier than she had, since he died many years before her or Yeshua.  I wondered to myself why she had not been part of the Hundred and Forty Four Thousand, considering that her death was after Yeshua had been crucified.  We would soon understand.

Mary materialized as everyone before her had.  I thought to myself at how beautiful she was.  Surprisingly, her hair was auburn, who would have thought it?  At first she drifted in mid-air in a reclining position, eyes shut, seemingly asleep, then her eyes fluttered open, she sat up and her feet touched the floor.  As she found her bearings and looked around, her eyes focused on Christ.  The camera also sought Him and the Earth was in for a surprise!

His physical appearance had changed!  His appearance was now mortal, with blue eyes and with iris and pupil.  He had a beard, short curly hair, which was…, red, the same shade as Mary, His Mother!  His complexion was ruddy like a man who’d spent much time in the sun.  Because Yeshua was of the house of David and David had been described in 1 Samuel 16 verse 12, KJV as being ‘ruddy’ which is often associated with red hair, it would make sense that Yeshua would inherit these traits as well, through His human mother, Mary.

If you remembered your history and lineage in the Bible, both Joseph and Mary were of the House of David, although it was only through Mary that these traits were inherited.  To be truly descended from King David of the tribe of Judah, both parents needed this lineage, by default through Joseph, as stepfather and by blood through Mary.

(Mary, after all, was the human side of Yeshua.  He inherited all His human attributes from her.  She made Him Man and Yahweh [YHVH] made Him God.  He was God in the flesh.)

He still had the bluish aura that showed Him in the Spirit; Mary also had this aura.  Mother looked upon her Son and Yeshua looked upon His Mother and unlike other resurrections, Yeshua walked towards Mary.  There was a smile upon His face; He stood before her, speaking softly He said, “Mother.”

Yeshua,” she answered.  Mary reached up and touched the beloved face of her Son and a tear ran down her cheek.

Gently, Yeshua took His Mother into His arms, Mother and Son embraced.  The stadium was silent, then a sweet melody drifted through the halls and angelic voices sang the song of the Saints.  Releasing Mary, Yeshua placed a tender kiss upon her brow and, with His arm around her shoulder; He led her to a seat next to Him.  He then set the most blessed woman among women, on His right side.  She would be what she had always been for Yeshua; through the ordeals He faced as a man, through the agony of His death, when all but Mary deserted Him, she was there.  She was a comforting presence, sharing His pain and His grief but also the joy at His own resurrection, never asking for a thing but giving all that she had; the love that only a mother could give.