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Author Marian Parisher-Nichols
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The Mis-Adventures of the Potter Sisters, Introducing the 5 Sisters

Ole Sol peered over the horizon with first one eye and then the other.  He was making his first appearance of the day over the western hemisphere.  He had made this orbit of the Earth billions upon billions of times.  In all his long life, scenes upon the Earth could make him glad or make him sad.  But Ole Sol favorite place to spy upon was a realm not known by mortal man, a small segment of the Earth inhabited by magical creatures, a realm that was on a different plain of existence.

Ordinary man knew not of this world because it existed on a hidden plain of reality.  There were only one-way in or out and that was only twice a day, or, perhaps none, if the day was cloudy.  For Ole Sol was the secret to finding the hidden entrance to this magical realm.  That time was once at sunrise and once at sunset, when ole Sol was just peering above the horizon as he was just now.  At that precise moment, a flash of blue light was seen as the light spectrum was refracted through the natural prism of water droplets.

It was that miniature pinpoint of light, that nana second of time, when entrance was possible.  A person knowing this secret had to leap with both feet at once into the blue flash.  This flash only lasted for a microsecond and those attempting just to step in were caught with one leg in and one leg out.  This meant that the unfortunate soul had to wait until the next setting or rising of ole Sol, in order to be freed.  He best pray it was not a cloudy day, then woe to the traveler!  Once through this veil between realms, a traveler found himself in a beautiful world, a magical world known as the Mysterious Realm to the few humans on the physical plane, but to the inhabitants it was fondly referred to as Phantasyland.

Here in this sanctuary, hidden from the visible world, lived fairies, along with elves, trolls, wicked witches, ghosts, and talking animals and vocal foliage.  All these creatures claimed this realm as their home.  Ole Sol favorite inhabitants of Phantasyland were the five Potter Sisters.  These sisters were very good and were endowed with spiritual powers, which came from the angelic realm.  No, the five Potter Sisters were not angels but are what was known as Mystiques and their spiritual guide in the Realm was known simply as Goldenspirit.

The eldest sister was Switch.  She had reddish blond hair and dark emerald green eyes.  She kept the sisters in line and led them on their adventures.  Her signature colors were emerald green and violet.  Her special power was conversing with nature.  She could read the signs of nature.  Her sisters were often entertained by that special power.  Switch processed and wore always on a golden chain, an amulet, which allowed her to breathe beneath the waves.  It was of gold, three inches in diameter with a large Peridot, Switch’s birthstone, in the center.

The second born sister, a year younger than Switch, was Pitch.  She inherited their mother’s coloring while the other four inherited their father’s coloring.  She had green-hazel eyes and dark brown hair sporting a white streak just left of her brow.  Her signature colors were hunter green and dark burgundy.  Her special power was total recall.  Pitch was the studious one, always had a yearning to learn.  If Pitch didn’t know it, then there was a good chance no one did.  Pitch were considered by her sisters to be reliable and consistent, she never change.  Pitch processed and wore always on a copper chain, a skeleton key that unlocked any lock.  The key was of copper and the grip was a ruby, Pitch’s birthstone.

The third born sister, two years younger than Pitch, was Mitch.  She had dark blond hair with green hazel eyes.  Her signature colors were purple and red.  Her special power was communication skills.  Mitch could talk with anyone; she could get information out of a stone.  People often confided in Mitch when they would not otherwise do so.  Now Mitch was a bit prim and flamboyant, always fussing with her hair or her nails and avoided work like the plague.  She was always the fun loving sister and her sisters loved having her about, you were never bored when around Mitch.  She processed and carried always a parasol which when opened protected against rain, wind, hail, and even Ole Sol himself.  Its special ability was that all five sisters could get under it.  The parasol was red with purple trim, and a purple handle, and was encrusted along its fringe with small rubies.

The fourth born sister, three years younger than Mitch, was Flitch.  She had honey-blond hair and pale blue eyes.  Her signature colors were forest green and hot pink.  Her special power was magical couturier.  If it had to do with cloth and thread, Flitch was a genius!  She could make or repair anything!  She created her sisters’ wardrobes.  She even made an invisible cape for Mitch.  It came in handy on one of their adventures.  Very intelligent and a hard worker, you could count on Flitch to never shirk her duties.  Not very vocal, she was willing to let others have the limelight.  Flitch owned and carried always a silver cane.  It was very beautiful for it was encrusted with her birthstone, the aquamarine.  Its special ability was it could be used as a sword and when thrown always returned to Flitch.

The fifth born sister and two years younger than Flitch, was Quitch.  Although the youngest; you might get a sock in the jaw if you called her ‘the baby.’  She had dark auburn hair and dark blue eyes.  Quitch was fearless and never backed down from an argument.  Her love for her sisters meant that she always had their backs.  Quitch signature colors were burnt orange and grape purple.  Her special power was herbalist and enchantments.  She knew many formulas and if she didn’t know it, she could retrieve it from her Book of Charms.  Quitch carried this Book of Charms with her always.  She wore it on a bronze rope tied about her waist.  The book was made of bronze with the title written in Opal, Quitch’s birthstone and was two inches by three inches.  When needed, the book expanded to twelve by nine inches.