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Second Event Chronicles


And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all [these things] must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
[Mathew 24:6]


The news has been alarming for quite sometime now, even several years perhaps; it seemed as if the world has gone mad, at least to me.  The events of 9/11 shocked the free world to its very core.  I can remember very well that I was working in Carrie at the time, setting up a drug store with my company’s new product line.  I went into shock my self when I realized that there were people in this world that hated us that much.

Before these attacks on the US mainland, I hadn’t paid too much attention to world events; I listened to what was reported but never gave them another thought… until 9/11!


Jet planes had been hi-jacked and then three of them were flown into the World Trade Center’s towers and the Pentagon, bringing about these buildings damage and de-struction and many deaths.  One plane crashed into an empty field in Pennsylvania when the passengers rebelled and the terrorist ditched the plane killing all aboard.  This one was headed for the White House.  Perhaps God protected it for a reason.  There were over three thousand people killed in these attacks!  It wasn’t until I arrived home that night that I saw the horrifying scenes that everyone were talking about that came into the store that day.


President Bush declared war on terrorism and on Osama bin Laden of Al Qaeda in particular.  He started new programs, Homeland Security for one and the Patriot Act, another, to increase this country’s security.

Afghanistan was invaded almost immediately, looking for bin Laden and the Taliban government was overthrown when they did not hand over bin Laden.  So the War on Terror began and things are changing in what is now becoming known as the new normal.

President Bush invaded Iraq in March of 2003, just two years after the events of 9/11 mainly on the premise of looking for weapons of mass destruction.  The citizens and congress were in full support of this war at first and it seemed that we quickly came into victory.  But that was far from the truth, although President Bush declared an end of hostilities only a few months latter, we are still in Iraq and still fighting.

There have been kidnappings of foreigners and quite a few of these hostages have had their heads chopped off in front of a camcorder and then posted on the internet for every one to see.

I was seeing a part of man that more than a little frightened me, I was dismayed at the lack of love, and compassion man was showing his fellowman and all in the name of religion.  A Jihad was declared on the USA and Israel by Islam extremist, calling the United States the Great Satan, and sometimes I almost agree, when I look at how this country’s mortals had deteriorated to those of Sodom and Gomorrah of the Old Testa-ment. 
[Genesis; chapter 19].

There had been continuous upheaval in the Middle-East ever since the election of Hamas to the Palatine government and Iran openly acquiring the means to produce nuclear weapons, has the free world more than a little concern. 

Threats between the democratic nations and the Iranian governments were flying, with sanctions being threaten by the United Nations and Iran promising pain and harm to those that enforced them, namely the United States.  Although the United Nations are made up of one hundred and ninety one counties, or states, as they are called by the UN, and the USA cannot invoke sanctions of its own accord.

The war in Iraq seemed to be going well at times but then more insurgents’ attacks would bring retaliations and it seemed to be a never-ending tic for tack with more and more deaths for both the Coalition and the Iraqis people.  The citizens are beginning to demonstrate openly against the USA and the Coalition, insisting that they leave Iraq now, although to do so would only lead to a government much like the one just ousted.

The trial of Saddam Hussein began.  He had been captured less than a year later in Tikrit, his hometown.  He was hiding in an underground hole, which was not much bigger than a prison cell; he had not managed to leave the country before or after the war started.

Although weapons of mass destruction were not found in Iraq, for which the Bush’s administration took much heat, both from congress and the news media, however testimony from Hussein’s trial revealed that the ousted leader had intentionally sent out false communications that he did indeed have weapons of mass destruction.  He was hoping that the USA intelligent services, the FBI and the CIA, would intercept these lies and believe them, which of course is what happened.

However, this did not do as Hussein had hoped, which was to deter the West from invading, for that is exactly what did happened.  Of course, now that this has come out, only a few news sources and no politicians even so much as spoke of it much less apologized.

In June of 2006 the most wanted Al Qaeda terrorist in Iraq, Al-Zarqawi, was finally located and two five hundred pounds bombs were dropped on his safe house.  He was not killed instantly; he lived long enough to see the Coalition forces and know who it was that killed him.  He attempted to get up from the stretcher he had been placed on but was too injured and collapsed and died.

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diver places.
[Mathew 24:7]


Earthquake activities had been increasing and many a country were experiencing them that never had before.

An earthquake beneath the Indian Ocean, December 26, 2004, produced a tsunami that destroyed thousand of miles of coast line along the small counties of India and most of the coastal cities, town and villages of other small countries, with many of them wiped out completely, killing every living soul.  It was reported that two hundred thousand lives were lost, making it the largest disaster in recorded history.

Even the planet itself suffered a blow and was thrown off of it axis by several de-grees, with repercussions that remains to be seen.

The changes are subtle; our summers are melting into one another bypassing winter.  With this constant warmth in parts of the world that’s not   use to it, things are changing in the weather patterns and violent storms have begun wrecking the coastlines of the United States.  Very large tropical systems at times were lined up across the Atlantic taking aim on the southern coast and not giving any relief between the punches.

Louisiana had a category four storm to make almost a direct hit on New Orleans, in September of 2005, Katrina as she was named, devastated the below sea-level city, breaching the levees and flooding 90% of the city.  Although ordered to evacuate, the poorest citizens couldn’t and those that survived were trapped in their homes or on top of them for days.

There were also patients who were incapacitated, left in hospitals to fend for them-selves and many drowned in their beds.

FEMA response was slow, bringing more criticism onto the Bush’s Administration and repercussions.  Michael Brown was forced to resign and many horror stories came out of the hurricane’s aftermath.  Accusation of racism was screamed from all the news networks because those mostly affected were the poor blacks of the New Orleans suburbs.

Two major storms struck the Gulf of Mexico coast that year, one right after the other, Rita was the other Hurricane, but that’s not to discount the four storms that struck Florida the year before.

Millions of people have been displaced and for the first time in a very long time the United States was feeling very vulnerable, not only fighting a Third World War (at least I see it as such, for we definitely are fighting a world wide threat) but now Mother Nature herself.

Because of the storms in the Gulf of Mexico, gas prices have almost tripled which of course drove up prices for other necessities and commodities.  It is a vicious circle with no end in sight.


April 2005, saw the death of Pope John Paul the 2nd and the election of Pope Benedict the 16th.  This was not unexpected, for the Pope, John Paul, had not been in good health for quite some time.  There’s a sense that this new Pope will have a great impact on the politics of the world.


Since the early eighties, the world has been fighting AIDS, a virus transmitted by sexual contact, sharing needles by addicts and blood transfusions.  This pestilence that began in Africa had rapidly spread around the globe.

It was first noticed in the United Stated by homosexuals using so call bathhouses in California and quickly spread to the straight community.


The mortal values in this country have gone down the drain.  The sexual revolution began in the nineteen sixties and there has been no decline in its progress since. 
More and more teens, girls as young as twelve are having sex and becoming pregnant at an alarming rate, making it more acceptable to be an unwed mother than ever before, often denying their children the benefit of a father living in the home.

Abortion is used as a form of birth control with the murder of the unborn, the slaughter of our country’s most defenseless citizens, occurring thousand times a day.
The infants of these very young unwed mothers are often found dead, but some times still alive in trashcans.  They throw away their babies like so much trash, without a second thought, as if they’re just an inconvenience.

Couples do not bother to marry anymore; they lived together without the blessing of God and choose to bring their children into this world and have the label, bastard, forever assigned to them.

Promiscuous sex, homosexuality, even bestiality, racism and bigotry are openly flaunted.  Pedophiles seek out our very young children, use them and often murder them then toss their poor battered bodies in ditches along our major highways.  They haunt our streets, our schools and now the internet, seeking young victims to satisfy their animals needs, more and more pornography, even children porn, grows like a cancer overwhelming our law enforcement.

Crime is on the increase, murders, rape, drug use and theft has the average American hiding behind locked doors.  We become prisoners in our own homes while the criminals roam free to carry out their most heinous of crimes.

The so-called white-collar crime in the last few years has come to the forefront.  This type of behind the scene theft has largely gone unnoticed and unpunished with billions of dollars embezzled leaving large corporations in the red and many of their em-ployees with no jobs and a lost of their retirement plans.

Then there is organized crime.  It has its hand in any type of underhanded scheme from drug importation, use, and sale to white slavery, where young girls are kidnapped and sold into brothels as sex slaves.

Percentages and statistics matter little, it all adds up to anguish and despair for the human race.


As of now, there is no hope for man, no release from his suffering.  But out there, there are small groups of people fighting back.  Keeping the faith and doing whatever they can to ease the pain of lost, despair and destitute but these few are being overwhelmed and many that are religious base are being mocked.

It is becoming harder for the Word of God to be taught as it becomes a mockery for even religion [Christianity or otherwise] is tainted with preachers conning their congrega-tions out of billions of dollars, more than the 10% asked for by the Word of God to help sustain the true Church.

Televised religion has become big business where the common, honest God-fearing man is lost and left to fend himself and his family alone.

For a nation that was founded on Christian values, many of the Christian symbols that are in place in many of our courthouses are being taken to court to have them re-moved, such as the Ten Commandants from the steps of a courthouse in Alabama and even from the government itself.

In the fifties, in our schools, there was a prayer and a Bible reading that started each day, now, this has been stopped.  Our forefathers, the founding fathers would turn over in their graves if they could see what this nation is becoming.

The words politician and crook seemed to go hand in hand with most of our leaders and we the people voted them there, having been deceived.

When we do vote for a person who stands on good Christian values, he is often criti-cized and scoffed at by those who in their ignorant cannot see or will not see the good that they are trying to create.

This nation needs to return to the values that this nation was built upon and until it does, our God withdraws his hand of protection that this nation once enjoyed.


I might sound sanctimonious, but I do not stand in judgment of any man or woman, salvation is the responsibility of each individual.  It is theirs alone and although they can and are informed, each one must choose for themselves, no one can make this choice for them.  I am only stating facts as I have seen them, even among my own family.


Now, there’s a new threat on the horizon, the avian flu or bird flu, this virus is jumping species and should it mutate, it may gain the ability to be pass directly from human to human.  The World Health Organization is preparing for a pandemic, but there are doubts that there will be enough vaccine and this strain is deadly.

We are nearing another hurricane season; I do pray we can be truly prepared for it.