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Author Marian Parisher-Nichols
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Chapter One of Millennial Chronicles 

The cameras remained focused on Jesus (we would later learn to know Him by His Hebrew Name of Yeshua) and his army of angels.  They had set down on the Mount of Olives, as was predicted centuries ago, fulfilling an ancient prophecy.  They marched towards the destroyed city of Jerusalem and the location where the temple once stood, which was now so much dust and rubble.

In my way of thinking, Christ could have just waved his hand like a magician and everything would have miraculously repaired itself in the blink of an eye, but I was wrong it would seem.

No, our deities, Yahweh [YHVH] and Yeshua were patient.  Was not the Universe billions of years old and did not man’s appearance on the scene happen billion of years later?  No, when you are the Beginning and the End of time, the Alpha and the Omega, then you do not hasten your creation.  Time, as they say, is on your side.

One of the first things the people of Earth learned was that Jesus or Yeshua was the Word of the Bible and is the only begotten Son of our heavenly Father.  (John 3:16)  He was Yahweh [YHVH]’s first creation, even before the angels who were in servitude of Him.  He dealt one on one with Man.  Yeshua is the Creator with the approval of Yahweh [YHVH].  Yeshua walked in the garden and talked with Adam and Eve.  He guided all the prophets of old even down to modern time.  Everything that was created was by Him and nothing was created without Him.  (John 1:1 – 1:3)

It took a few weeks, but the people of Earth constructed a tent city at the site of the old destroyed temple.  The supervision for the rebuilding of the new Earth and the New Jerusalem was from this tent city.  Able-bodied men would work under the Archangel Michael, with a host of angels to rebuild our world, a new Earth and a New Jerusalem.  When the site for the temple had been prepared for construction, we all assumed that Man and angels together would build the new temple and it would resemble the ones of ancient times, for the earlier versions were grand indeed.  We were in for our first surprise of the New Millennium!


I heard from my siblings and we planned a get together very quickly after the first week that Christ was back on Earth.  Our meal this time was a little more festive than it had been in a few years.  Our rulers gave us new dietary laws and for the first time in millenniums, we could not eat meat.  No, from now on, no animal would lose its life in order to sustain the life of another.  We were now vegetarians and to my surprise, I did not miss or crave meat!

Our meager gardens grew in just a few short days what would have taken weeks in past times.  For family gathering, we had cabbage, red potatoes, corn and biscuits, with an herbal tea.  We could not have caffeine.  From now on, the coffee and tea plants would not produce the stimulant.  We could however have wine!  We could have milk and cheese from cattle and goats and eggs from chickens, but those were the only animal products allowed.

We also received new laws and regulations on living our daily lives.  The Ten Commandants was strictly enforced and were the only laws of the planet.

We discussed among ourselves our shock when we learnt what the Nebula had exposed, that Christ and an army of angels had indeed concealed themselves within its boundaries.

“I think I had given up hope that Christ would return to Earth, just look at how bad things had gotten!  Although I never told anyone, at one point I lost my faith and questioned the existence of God.  Now my faith has returned, how could it not?  We are seeing improvements already, but we still have a long way to go,” I said to my siblings as we prepared for this reunion.

“I wonder when there will be a new temple?” this from Clara.

“I am sure there will be but I wonder if man will build the temple as he had in the past?”  I answered.  “The authorities are secretive and there is no news.  Christ will inform us in His own time as He always has.  I don’t know what the next thousand years will hold for humanity; but it is supposed to be a time of peace.  I am sure we will learn soon enough,” I speculated.

Later, we checked out the news on television, for we were getting regular updates.

“Our first announcement concerns the pagan religions of the world.  The New Creed and the New Government has dispersed all pagan religions and any remnants of their existent destroyed.  Confederates will receive innovative instructions and any that prove worthy will be pardoned then absorbed.  They will unite with the One True God, Yahweh [YHVH] and Yeshua to become part of the Family of God.

“Also, let it be noted that the Jehamic religion is also directly descended from Abraham by Sarah’s handmaid, Hagar and her son Ishmael.  Yeshua made a promise to Hagar when He saved them from death in the desert, to make a great nation from Ishmael as He would Abraham.  (Genesis 17:18)  Many nations are descended from Ishmael, which became the religion of Jeham.  It is time for the descendants of the two brothers, Isaac and Ishmael, to reunite and to mend their differences and worship Yahweh [YHVH], together.  Fulfilled is the promise to Hagar.

“Progress on the temple grounds are moving along at fascinating speeds.  There is a sense of elation and solidarity among the workers, something this planet has not seen in its entire history.  The work crews are comprised of many nations, yet there is no language barrier for everyone is speaking the universal language of Hebrew.

“This is a result of a reversal of a curse put on humanity centuries ago, when Man was building the famous tower of Babel and Yeshua confused their speech, so that many languages came into effect, disabling the ability of the people to communicate with each other and they were thus unable to complete the tower.

“After the flood of Noah’s day, the people wanted to avoid another disaster where all the populace was annihilated.  Therefore, they thought to thwart this possibility by constructing a tower, one that would reach unto the very heavens.  Here, the people could take refuge and survive another flood.

“But Yeshua had made a promise never to destroy the Earth in this matter again and for the human race to act in this manner was in fact calling Yeshua a liar.  This was an insult; He took immediate action by confusing the laborers’ ability to understand each other.  This resulted in the stoppage of construction and the beginning of the many different languages of the planet.

“There is only one language now for the planet and it is the language used by Yahweh [YHVH] chosen people, formally known as the Israelites.  You will not have noticed but you no longer speak your native language and you now can understand the speech of other nationalities, well as read and write it.”

We all looked at each other in astonishment!  Was this possible and we were unaware of it?

“Also, although many of the Earth’s wicked have been destroyed, the Earth is still a dangerous place.  Therefore, there will be a World Wide Militia with stations all over the planet.  They will enforce any laws and should the need arise; take into custody any person that flauntingly disobeys these laws.

“They will be detained and an attempt will be made to retrain those that show willingness to learn and repent.  A thousand years is set for Man to learn what he must, some people will not comply and for them, judgment will come before the end of the Millennium.

“You are advised to take this time and use it wisely,” the representative finished and then asked that we join him in a silent prayer and then said ‘Good-bye.’


I guess many people expected major changes immediately, but no, it was a gradual migrating of elements and events, so that you just noticed that this wasn’t like this before.

Then one afternoon they announced that they would incorporate the new temple the following day.  I wondered, what does that mean?  It would take months if not years to construct a structure such as the temple.

“Tune in tomorrow at dawn to witness this phenomenon…” said the announcer.


This set my mind to speculating.  It weighed heavily in my thoughts much of the day and so an hour before midnight, we switched on the set to watch this phenomenon.

We saw a panorama view of the city of Jerusalem; it was still dark with no moon but a carpet of stars stretch across the heavens.  To the right of the city, as the camera spanned, lay the obvious vacant arena awaiting the construction of the temple.

There is a seven hours time different between our parts of the Earth, so as Jerusalem was about to have a sunrise at about six o’clock their time, it was around eleven o’clock our time and I might add, well pass my bedtime.

“If you are just joining us, I bid you a good morning.  It is a very quite morning, there is no breeze only a few chirps of some early birds.  There is an air of anticipation but we aren’t certain what to expect.  We are within moments of sunrise.  There are no representatives around to give us any details.  They told us to have our cameras in place and rolling well before dawn.  This, we have done but still no activity at the site.  In fact we have six cameras operating and as needed we will switch from one to the other.”

Just as the young male reporter finished his statement, the eastern horizon lit up and my first thought was of the nuclear bombs that had struck the Earth during the Tribulation.  Fear ballooned in my chest.  Was Yahweh [YHVH] going to destroy the Earth after all?  Had He decided that its people were too wicked and not worthy of salvation?  My heart raced and I stifle my cries for I was convinced of our impending doom.

Still, I was unable to move or take my eyes from the television even when the screen became so bright that it burned and brought tears to my eyes, which I quickly covered with my hands.  Slowly, the brightness diminished and a clearer picture came onto the screen, what we saw was not the fiery red sun, but a brilliant white light monopolizing the eastern horizon!

Then minutes later, my home was lit up as the light invaded the darkness.  I knew instantly that the object, which was so bright over Jerusalem, was also shedding its luminousness over the entire Earth simultaneously.  It was as bright as twilight.

The commentator whispered as though it might be disturbing to speak in a normal tone.  “I must say that what you are seeing is not a sunrise.  Pay close attention.  See?  It grows larger.  It is not spherical although light does come from it.”

We sat spellbound in front of the television.  This reminded me of the comet just before it struck the moon, at its brightness and its massive sized as it neared it objective.  This object grew and grew… now a definite shape… it was a structure of sorts…  I did not recognize the contour… it was an enormous structure whose form was unfamiliar to me!

“Oh Heaven be praised and thanks given,” exclaimed the commentator ecstatically.  “That is the new temple, my brethren!  Yeshua has built the temple Himself.  It must be a spectacular building indeed, created by the Hand of God!

As we continued to watch, the temple hovered with no visible means of support, over the arena, which would become it foundation.  As we continued to watch, the temple ever so gently settled into place, with wisps of dust, it entrenched itself onto its foundation, its new home, the foundation that had been constructed by the peoples of the Earth.  At the same time, the light that shown around the world now retracted and reabsorbed into the temple as it cooled and solidified.

“We are told that the power of Yeshua or as we know it, the Holy Spirit is the force supporting the temple.”

The camera zoomed away from the temple for it was enormous and still its top was unseen.  It did not resemble the temple of Solomon or Herod or the one the Israelis had built.  No, this was a temple constructed of large plates of purest carbon as they had just reported, which is extremely rare on Earth.  I doubted if enough carbon existed on Earth for construction of the temple.

I have never seen the likes of it, nor has any other human.  It had no need of windows for the transparency of the jewels allowed sufficient light to penetrate the structure.  The gemstones also provided insulation from cold or heat.

There were four tiers, with each tiers assembled with a different gemstone.  The first tier was of emerald, atop that, it was of sapphire, then ruby and the uppermost tier was of diamond.  Each jewel tier also had levels or floors, the lowest tier, Emerald, had twelve arch entryways without doors; this signified that Yahweh [YHVH]’s House was always open.  Each of the Twelve Tribes had their own personal entrance with a portico supported by two columns each, which was as tall as the Emerald Tier.

All the tribes had a special entrance with a sign over each with the name of the tribe on it.  To refresh your memory of the tribes, there were in the north, Dan, Asher and Naphtahi.  There were in the east, Judah combined with Levi, Issachar and Zebulun.  In the south, there were Reuben, Simeon and Gad.  In the west was, Ephraim, Manasseh and Benjamin.  Ephraim and Manasseh each had their own tribe descending from Joseph thus making up the Twelve Tribes of Israel.  The tribe of Levi did not exist as a separate tribe for it was from them that the priests came that attended the temple.  They for the most part combine with the tribe of Judah.  The Levi Celebrant attended the other tribes and led the congregation in the worship services just as they had done since the time of Aaron, the first High Priest.

Of the fourteen floors comprising the Emerald Tier, the Hundred and Forty Four Thousand occupied the upper twelve floors or levels, for their administrations.  The Hundred and Forty Four Thousand consisted of twelve thousand representatives from each of the twelve Tribes of Israel and each tribe had a floor for their governmental rule and to conduct worship services for each tribe.  The twelve arch entryways were clearly marked with the name of a tribe whose use it was intended.  The first level or floor of the Emerald Tier was an open expanse with no rooms or chambers, but with stairwells at each tribe’s entrance that would take worshipers straight to the floor of his native tribe.

The Sapphire Tier had twelve levels and it was from here, that the Twenty-Four Elders kept the records for the history of the Universe; in essence, it was a library.

The Twelve Apostles occupied the six-leveled Ruby Tier and here they laid the foundation for all the ruling classes.

The Diamond Tier had only one large arena and was the residence of Yeshua and at times even Yahweh [YHVH].  Only angels and spirit beings had access to this tier, mortals could only exist here under special conditions and if Yahweh [YHVH] was not present.  It was here, in the Diamond Tier that the Great White Throne of Judgment stood.  Here, Yeshua held court and levied judgment.

Wide at its base, it tapered as the Tiers mounted each other and became narrower than the tier beneath it.  The Temple’s roof was made of gold overlapping tiles, steep, pointed at the aspect with a golden rod ascending as a lightning rod might.  They did not tell us what its purpose was.  I wondered though if maybe it was an antenna for communicating with the heavens.

This type of construction allowed for the slightest breeze to travel through the halls producing musical notes, reminiscent of wind chimes.  It was much larger than any previous temple constructed by Man, a mile wide, and a mile deep and six miles or perhaps more, high, which placed the Diamond Tier in the clouds.  It was unknown just how many rooms or chambers filled the Temple, if I had to guess, I would say they number in the millions.  I had no idea what were all their uses.

After receiving this information from the commentator of the moment, he paused and drew a long breath as though speaking had winded him.  After a long moment, the scene changed and we were no longer looking at him but an angel.

“I salute the inhabitants of Earth.  Please excuse my interruption.”  We only saw his shoulders and face but what an ominous creature he was.  His skin shown as bright as day, his eyes were flaming orbs and we could just see thick black feathered wings folded neatly behind him.

“Just before the Tribulation, scientist had discovered two unknown variables and called them, ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Dark Energy.’  Now is revealed what these components are.  Although they did not recognize it, what they were detecting was the spirit realm.  Because of their denial of a higher power, a supreme begin they did not see the truth of their observation, a spiritual world separate from the physical world.  Because of their blindness, they could not admit to the possibility of the existence of another Universe, a parallel Universe that runs just outside of the normal senses of Man.  Unseen but yet detectible.  This will help to explained what you are about to witness.

“As the new temple was constructed in the farthest reaches of space by the lone efforts of Yeshua, it was thought that you might desire to see its birth.  I will describe some of what you see but mostly it is self-explanatory.”

‘Yes,’ I thought, ‘only God could endure the harsh and hostile environment of the Universe.’

“Okay brethren, we are receiving a feed, what you first see is Yeshua, Gabriel and myself, Michael.  We are in spirit but we arranged for mortal to see a silhouette of us as we go about the building of the new temple.

“The temple will be made of the purest carbons harvested from what scientist call a quasar, which unlike a star, is a celestial body comprising entirely of energy, not fire, like a star, which is a flaming sphere of gases.  Every element is present in quasars only in an energy state.  As a definition for quasars, they are at the nucleus of galaxies often associated with the galaxy massive black hole.”

At first, I thought I was watching a documentary of the Universe.  The screen was black except for the millions of stars that were traveling toward us at a fascinating speed.  Soon, the pace slowed as a colossal nebula came into view.  It was spiraling and suns drugged toward its center and disappeared as the ravenous dark star devoured them.  Shooting out from either side were jets of unknown elements, spewing energy in opposite directions.  My nerves flayed, as I knew this to be the super massive black hole, which resided at the center of our galaxy.

Next, beings appeared on the screen, which were invisible except for the faintest outline of their bodies and with space distortion when they moved about.  They were as large and as brilliant as any sun and they began their task by reaching into the very depths of the black star.

They each withdrew dark matter; you could not see this matter only a faint outline as it was manipulated by the spirit beings.  It was invisible yet visible.  The spirits, working as a team, maneuvered this dark matter until it became a visible gel like substance, which was worked and shaped and became a smooth plane of emerald.  More walls materialized, as they reached into a passing sun and withdrew molten gold.  They used this as a bonding material and welded the many sides of this section into a very large chamber.  I recognized the shape of a twelve-sided structure.

“This is the Emerald Tier or the first level of the temple.”

We watched for several hours as they created each tier of the temple.  The next level had also had twelve sides but was of smaller dimensions and was of sapphire.  The ruby tier had ten sides but the diamond tier was a solid mass and oval in shape.

Completed, almost, for the spirit beings next use a jet from the quasar and carved out the twelve doors of the emerald tier.  There hovered the new temple just as it now looked sitting upon its foundation on Earth.