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Chapter one of; The Search for the Stolen Treasures

On this fine morning, Ole Sol saw Pitch standing on the small veranda of her cottage that was located in front of the Tar Pits.  The cottage was made of bluestone, a type of sandstone with a bluish cast.  The roof was made of slate, a deep dark grey with seep angles, and a spiral peak.  The front façade had a strong oak door painted red with an oval shaped window on either side of the door giving the cottage a face.  You could never be sure if the cottage was alive or not.  But Pitch knew and often carried on conversations with her home which came in handy when cleaning or when unexpected guest arrived.

This crisp morning in Pitch’s small front yard, butterflies and honeybees fluttered amongst the deep blue of the Larkspur, Pitch’s birth flower, which lined the cobbled stone path leading to the front stoop.  The cottage was encircled with a low stone fence that had a solid wooden gate for its entrance.  A lone Holly tree grew just to the right of the cottage, the Holly sported a nearly white trunk with its dark green foliage, and bright red berries.  It was Pitch’s birth tree and the berries were often used in charms.

Phantasyland sparkled, as millions of drops of morning dew, acting like prisms, broke up the light spectrum into tiny rainbows.  This stimulation wouldn’t last long, after Ole Sol was well above the horizon this illusion vanished.

But even so, the land remained one of vibrant colors.  There were trees with purple leaves and red trunks.  Flowers of every imaginable color, flowers that never wilted and should you walk by, they often wished you a pleasant day.  No one ever picked the flowers for to do so would destroy the small sprite that gave the flower its life.

“Good day to you, Miss Pitch!”  Ole Sol was the first to speak, his voice accented with a low roar as his core continued its nuclear fusion, the energy that sustained, not only the Earth but also the entire Solar System.  Ole Sol was one busy star.

“A very grand morning it is, thanks to you old friend,” replied Pitch.  “Have we any visitors to Phantasyland this fine day?”

“Ho, ho, ho,” chuckled Ole Sol.  “I rose a bit too early for them this morning, none made it.  But they do try.  I do wonder how they learned of the secret to entering Phantasyland.”

“Oh that is easy, it is written in the Mystic Manual.  Most mortals take it not seriously, but some do.  Well, have a pleasant trip across the heavens, my friend,” said Pitch.

“Indeed, I shall, good morning to you then,” Ole Sol nodded his sphere, for he had no head, no body, just his sphere but he did have many arms, the rays of light that he threw towards the planets, he could be quite animated.

Just then, Pitch felt the murmur touch of a gentle breeze and knew the South Wind was flowing across Phantasyland.  She heard the whisper, “Morning oh Sister two.”

The South Wind was always demure unlike her older and vociferous brother, the North Wind.  He was the one that blew in the gales; the North Wind wasn’t always a welcome visitor.

“My sentiments to you as well, good breeze.  How goes your day?”

“Oh, it is as it is,” whispered the South Wind, and without further flutter, sailed away.

As Ole Sol proceeded across the sky, and the South Wind kissed her cheek adieu, Pitch Potter turned about to prepare for a visit from her four sisters.


The five sisters usually met at least once a month at one another’s home.  Sometimes it would be for brunch, or lunch or even dinner, today it would be brunch.  The sisters stayed in contact for they were very close, being reared by a loving mortal mother.  Their father was a Mystic; a union unaccepted by either world resulting in the separate habitation of the sisters’ parents.  They knew little of their father, only that he had fiery red hair, a quick temper and that his profession kept him away for long periods.  The sisters were oblivious to the special powers inherited from their father until each reached the age of eighteen.  When the youngest sister, Quitch had completed her worldly training, the five sisters were then told that they should leave the mortal world to continue their studies in the mystical world, or the Mystical Realm but the inhabitants knew their home as Phantasyland.

On the same morn, the five sisters jumped into the blue flash of light and vanished from the mortal world.  They would return for only brief visits, they came to know their mystic father as he now took over their education.  The next four years was spent in a crystal palace with a small fairy, Queen Sleyvia.  Each learned of their special ability and how to use it.  After their education, their father arranged for each to have a home of their own and the sisters were left to their own devices.

A chorus of loud laughter warned Pitch that her sisters had arrived.  No need to answer the door, for the cottage greeted them with a hearty; “Hello!” with the frame of the door acting as its mouth.  The sisters knew they were expected and entered the modest hut; a three-room structure, one large living room with a kitchen and bedroom at the rear.  They called her as they entered.  Pitch was prepared with a brunch that she knew her sisters would love.

“Good morning, Sisters, what’s all the ruckus about?  What news have you?”  Pitch knew something was amiss but she had no clue as to what it might be.  Pitch wore an A-Line straight skirt with a matching hunter green and burgundy plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves, and a pair of black ankle boots.  Pitch wore her dark brown hair short cut in a wedge in back, and full loose waves that accented the single white streak.  She also wore a pair of rubies earrings and the skeleton key dangling down the front of her shirt.

“I had a visit from Dragonfly a few days ago,” spoke up Switch.  Switch was donned out in an emerald green jumper with a violet flora blouse.  Her long reddish blond hair was pull back from her face is a half ponytail, which she secured with a crystal clip.  Her amulet swayed slightly as she spoke, “He said that there were mortals in the Enchanted Garden and now the garden is dying.  It looks as if winter has set in, a first for the Enchanted Garden.  The poor queen is all titter and knows not where to turn for aid.”

“Have I missed something while I was away to the Icy Mountain,” ask Mitch.  She wore her dark blond hair in the classic pageboy ending just below the ear and parted just left of center.  She had on a lilac paisley sundress, and upon her head was an oversized red sunhat and her attire was complete with her favorite red high heels sandals, she furled her parasol and hooked it over her arm.

“Hi all, what is this about mortals in Phantasyland?”  Flitch wore forest green Bermuda shorts and a white pull on tank top with hot pink trim and a pair of hot pink sneakers.  Flitch sported her honey blond hair, long and straight, and parted down the center with thick bands.  She leaned slightly on her silver cane.

“This is news to me,” said Quitch as she now entered the hut.  Quitch’s dark auburn hair, which she, like Switch and Flitch, wore long, nearly to her waist but for now, was pulled back from her face in a double ponytail leaving wisps of bands framing her face.  Quitch had on a purple shirtwaist morning dress with brunt orange slides and the bronze rope tied loosely at her waist with the Book of Charms swinging on her left side.

By now, the Potter Sisters were settled at the table and Pitch interrupted.  “A prayer before our meal, if you please!  Agreed?”

“Agreed,” the four chanted together.

It was customary for the hostess to lead the blessing, so Pitch began.  Standing around the table, the Potter Sisters held hands and bowed their heads.

“Oh glorious Heavenly Father, we ask your blessing upon this meal and thankful are we to have such abundant.  Bless all that gather here, in Christ name we pray.  Amen.”

“Amen!” echoed the Potter Sisters.

As they began self-service of the meal, Mitch continue as though she had not been interrupted, “I had a great time at the Icy Mountain…  Didn’t meet a prince while there though,” Mitch frowned showing her disappointment at not seeing one.  Mitch was always on a quest for a suitor “…but did see a few frogs.”  Mitch was inclined to talk rapidly, never pausing to end a sentence as if she had to get the information spoken as quickly as possible.  “I was worried about my sisters…what’s this about the humans back in the garden?  Is that why the garden is dying?  Oh, I found this broom on the way back.  Does it belong to any of you?”

“Calm down Mitch,” soothed Pitch.  “I have it on good authority that the mortals have been sent back across the Rift and Ole Sol was confident they would not make it through the flash should they attempt to enter again.  I don’t think their presents had any bearing on the garden.  There something else afoot I fear.  The broom might be the one the Wind carried away without me on it; I was forced to enchant a pencil to ride on.  Was most irritating as the point kept breaking, so I kept sharpening it.  Now, it is only a stub, way too short for flying.  It will only glide across the floor.  Can’t get anywhere with it like there.”

“I heard that Queenie fairy had a new treasure……A crystal……Oh yes, while at the Icy Mountain, I saw Lady Fairy……she tells of a new wizard over at the Mountain Pain ……got a quick look at him……he’s sorta cute.”

The Sisters looked at their sister in amazement, but that was Mitch for you.

“It’s nice to see you Mitch,” said Switch, “I have been tending my little golden fishes; their pool is so pretty, even the mermaids think so.  The mermaids tell of a dragon that lives on the summit of the Mountain of Fire.  I think we should check on the wizard and the dragon!”

“We are glad you had a nice trip, Mitch.  That is news of a wizard and a dragon in Phantasyland.  I agree with Switch, we should travel there as soon as possible but we have more pressing business this afternoon, the Queen has summoned us to the Crystal palace!” said Pitch.